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From our previous experience in the automatic bar loaders, a small company that produces automatic bar loaders was founded in the 70s. In the following decades, it imposed itself with considerable success. It was founded as the Cucchi Brothers (F.lli Cucchi) in a small town (Bussero) near Milan and, in 1985, it changed its name to the current one. Its founder, Mr. Giovanni Cucchi, thanks to his innate passion and inventiveness, used his ideas and innovative solutions from the very beginning to revolutionize the automatic bar feeding field of machinery tools. From the very first years, the company tried to develop its products based on innovation and savings without neglecting the quality and practicality of their use. In 2003, the EURO-LOADER brand, under which the products are marketed, was created on the occasion of their launch in the North American market. Cucchi Giovanni has always been ahead of his times by adopting and developing the best solutions - of highly technological content - thanks to the skillful staff he relies on and to the help of his customers.

We produce highly technological and high quality automatic single/multi-spindle bar loaders

It is precisely this mix that allowed us to market the CUCCHI GIOVANNI and EURO-LOADER automatic bar loaders in various parts of the world. In 2006, in conjunction with the arrival of the founder's 2 children, Cesare and Miriam, at the head of the company, the business underwent a reorganization process that led to the expansion, amongst others, of the production site that was completed in July 2008. The participation in numerous international exhibitions and the ongoing search for foreign markets positioned the products of Cucchi Giovanni at the top of the German market and amongst the major global producers of this category while cooperating with major machinery tool producers and thanks to the numerous international patents that were registered. "Innovation and simplicity" is the motto that has always distinguished the machines produced by our small, yet very versatile and dynamic company.

  • Operational seat

  • Our operational seat is in Bussero, in the province of Milan, in the center of a highly productive industrial area by tradition. In addition to manufacturing, we also offer the technical, commercial and logistics assistance of the company.

  • How we started

  • Our story, the first years of production.
  • Production

  • Inside the new warehouses that were recently built and added to the already present ones to expand our production force, we focus on technology, commitment, passion and quality to achieve optimal products.


  • From the first projects of the first loaders.

International Distribution of products